We Moved!
Aug 12

We Moved!

We're happy to announce the move to our new offices in The Shop at the CAC!

While we'll miss the beloved "Icehouse," our home for 12+ years, we're excited to be moving back to downtown New Orleans in the Warehouse District.

For those of you familiar with our previous spot, you'll be pleased to know The Icehouse is in good hands under the new ownership of acquaintances who became friends over the past several years — the amazing Son of a Saint organization.

We're looking forward to looking forward from our new offices inside the Contemporary Art Center in downtown New Orleans. From within The Shop — a beautifully designed collaborative space — we will bump brains with some of the most dynamic people and companies in the city. It’s an environment we’re sure will foster new and interesting ideas in our tireless pursuit to create Believable Brands® through purpose-driven marketing.

Come visit us!
900 Camp St, Suite 364
New Orleans, LA 70130

Kelly McCafferty
Marketing & Sales Associate Pittsburgh Born, Nola Transplant Music Enthusiast

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We Moved!