Virtually There
Mar 21

Virtually There

The rise of VR within the tourism industry.

It comes at no surprise that the goal of any travel destination or attraction is to increase visitation—and that the obstacles in the way of that goal are endless. Competition, awareness and feasibility are all factors when planning your next vacation. With the pressure to post the perfect Instagram photo or make the most of your time off, travelers and weekenders alike want to plan with confidence, looking for guarantees that their destination will be worthwhile.

You’ve seen and heard enough to know that you can expect late nights in Vegas, relaxation at the beach, or lots of drinks, food and music in New Orleans’ French Quarter. But what about kayaking on the Black Bayou or an airboat ride through the Atchafalaya Basin? How can you give more reassurance about the excellence of a niche experience to those who have yet to experience it?

Enter 360° video.

The tourism industry has more to gain than most with the rise of 360° video, which enables potential visitors to interact with a location or attraction they might not have considered visiting. More tangible than a photo or a commercial, these videos offer a taste of what to expect and perhaps enough of the confidence visitors need to make the leap to visit.

"We can show you pictures of Louisiana, but we really weren't able to convey that experience [of being there] exactly. We weren't able to put you in that airboat, seeing the alligators. We weren't able to take you to the number one bass fishing lake to catch a lunker," said Barry Landry, director of communications for the Louisiana Office of Tourism (LOT).

LOT has embraced the opportunities presented by VR technology, investing not only on a statewide level but also supporting individual parishes and CVBs to participate through a co-op program kicking off this spring. Sharing the expense with LOT, individual visitors’ bureaus will be able to capture and promote top destinations in their area using cutting-edge video and high-end VR viewers.  

Check out LOT’s 360° videos—produced in collaboration with Trumpet—to get a glimpse of what Louisiana has to offer.

Sarah Lisotta
Designer turned Producer. Knows a little about a lot. Amateur chef. Natural planner. Fluent in lunch.

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