Trumpet's Annual Crawfish Boil
Apr 26

Trumpet's Annual Crawfish Boil

Another epic crawfish boil is in the books here at Trumpet, and a big thank you goes to our CFO, Jude, for acting as Boil Master once again. He utilized his proprietary Excel sheet to ensure each batch was cooked and seasoned to perfection. (Yes, he has an excel sheet for boiling crawfish. No, you cannot see it.)

All told, our crew of revelers took down 240 pounds of crawfish. (That’s one Carmelo Anthony-worth of crawfish. Not bad.) The kids in attendance had fun trouncing our founder and CEO, Pat, during the crawfish race, where Pat’s crawfish (seen here, standing up in the center of the ring) immediately flipped itself over in full surrender.

Thank you to all who came and spent your Saturday with us, we're looking forward to doing it all again next year. 



Calvin Carr

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