Connecting Global Trade and Purpose
Mar 21

Connecting Global Trade and Purpose

The World Trade Center of New Orleans is the founding member of the World Trade Centers Association, a worldwide association of over 300 World Trade Centers in nearly 100 countries, whose purpose is to create jobs and wealth in Louisiana through international trade. They approached us asking for assistance in a rebrand which included the production of a brand anthem video that would be unveiled at the Louisiana International Trade Week & Jubilee.

With only two weeks to produce the video, we had to hit the ground running. We decided to create an animated, graphically driven video that we could produce in-house. The script was based on the brand narrative we created, which focuses on the championing, connecting, and advocating work that WTCNO does on behalf of Louisiana businesses. Our art director, Erik, did a fantastic job of creating movement in the video by using various overlays with still photography; our associate creative director, Jessie, wrote the story that propelled the movement. 

There were a lot of moving parts throughout this process, which made it a challenge. But the end product was a video that the client and attendees at the conference loved—and one that brought home a gold ADDY at the New Orleans award show. 


Liz Byrom
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