The Journey from SACU to Credit Human
Oct 7

The Journey from SACU to Credit Human

Credit Human (formerly SACU) is a financial institution that's been serving the San Antonio community and beyond since 1935. So when they came to us with a request to rebrand, we knew we had a challenge at our feet. The goal? Shift from a geographically limiting name to one ignited by purpose. 

To begin, we embedded with the client for eighteen months, gaining a deep understanding of the company culture while working with senior management on a methodical rebranding process.

Trumpet led monthly workshops throughout to redefine the client's Brand Vision, Belief and Values. Then we developed tools and content to transmit the tenets of the new brand to all employees through every level of the organization.

Through a combination of presentation decks, videos and storytelling exercises, we helped to lay the groundwork for operational changes that would allow the company to authentically align culture, customer experience and communications behind an elevated purpose – all essential components in the development of a believable brand.

This deliberate process led to a name change that would symbolize a fundamental shift from a business strategy limited by geography to one ignited by purpose.



Malcolm Schwarzenbach
25 years in the biz, on both agency and client sides. Offers brands strategic thinking & actionable strategy. Motto: Work smarter, not harder. Eternally curious. Avid sports fan. Space nut.

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