Surviving the Social Media Grind
Dec 6

Surviving the Social Media Grind

Social media never sleeps.

Small engagement victories are quickly forgotten and new tools are introduced on a weekly basis, making it hard to keep pace. But as more and more data proves social media drives sales, we can’t afford to ignore it.

Here are a few tips to help you stand out, stay top-of-mind and survive the daily social grind.

1) Connect

Spend time creating meaningful connections with your audience. Thank those who endorse and support your brand and creative campaigns, and engage those who are looking to learn more from you. Social media isn’t a soap box; it’s not about talking to your audience, it’s about talking with them. In order to connect, you need to get clear about the types of people you want to build relationships with. It pays to get specific about your audience.

2) Be intentional

Think before you post. If you want your brand to become valuable and lovable, you need your content to be purposeful. Don’t just hop on trending hashtags - use ones that make sense for your industry. And, it seems like there’s a national holiday every day now -  from National Pecan Pie Day to National Seafood Bisque Day. That doesn't mean you need to celebrate them all. If a holiday is in no way related to your business, leave it alone. Your fans will appreciate you posting meaningful content, and they'll be back for more. 

3) Showcase your fans

Always be on the lookout for ways to engage and incorporate your fans into your social media content and campaigns. For instance, you can ask fans to post a photo of your product and re-post those images across your social media. User-generated campaigns are a great way to show your fans the love and make them feel valued. These types of campaigns incentivize to your audience to engage with your brand in a positive way.

4) Collaborate

Don’t be afraid to partner with other brands and businesses to share important information or generate content together. Got an important webinar coming up? Find a brand with a similar target audience to co-present - you'll both benefit from each others' social audience. These collaborations humanize your brand, expand your reach online and provide a greater value to your fans.

5) Stay clear

Don’t stray away from your core mission and purpose for using social media. While you want to be creative and engage in worthwhile collaborations, you ultimately should be using social media to move the needle on specific business goals. Staying clear on your mission will help your fans understand your purpose; this will translate into an awareness from them on how to best support you.

6) Analyze and adjust

Last but not least, you need to pay attention to analytics. Diving in to the data will help you see exactly what’s working; you should use this data to adjust your strategy moving forward to ensure you’re giving your audience what they want. For example, if you post a ton of links and they don’t get clicked, start posting more imagery and see what happens. Responding to your audience’s preferences will lead to more engagement.

Regardless of which of the above tips you apply, in order to stay effective in your social media marketing efforts, you have to constantly fine-tune your strategy.

Pay attention to the analytics to ensure you’re giving your audience what they want, when and where they want it. You need to connect with people and provide them with value if you want to inspire them to support your brand.

These tactics can help keep your sales growing and your brand relevant. If you want to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out

Matthew Worden

Insights junkie, songwriter, MBA, entrepreneur and native New Yorker who loves the Big Easy. Shreds in The Lexington Express.

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