Trumpet Time: August Recap
Sep 1

Trumpet Time: August Recap

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting Meg Kinney and Hal Phillips from Bad Babysitter at Trumpet Time. Meg and Hal gave a short presentation on some of the ethnographic research they've been doing, and why they believe including video in their methodology plays an important role in empathy-building. They broadened our understanding of what's possible within consumer research, and we did our best to repay them in snacks. 

The Bad Babysitters pride themselves on delivering actionable consumer insights through documentary-style videos that give leaders critical and unprecedented understanding of the people they serve. If you want to see more of their work, check it out here.

Here at Trumpet, we have an end-of-the-week social hour called Trumpet Time. (It’s one reason City Business thinks we’re among the Best Places to Work). And once a month, we open it up to clients and friends of Trumpet. So come and have a drink with us! Email Matt Worden if you're interested.

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