7 Reasons to Work with Trumpet
Apr 12

7 Reasons to Work with Trumpet

1. You Get Our Best. Always.

Many agencies have layers of account managers, strategists, executives, analytics, creatives and directors – dozens of people who are involved at different stages in your project, and whose faces change with each meeting you have. It often leads to a lack of consistency or even a sterile, uninspired, assembly line approach to creative work.

While we have specialists, experts and a "process" at Trumpet, that process includes clients speaking to the people who work on their business - brand strategists, creatives, developers - rather than just an account manager who oversees it. You work directly with some incredibly talented, smart, award-winning and experienced advertising veterans. Our leadership stays with your business, well beyond the initial pitch. They hear your voice and opinions instead of third-hand interpretations. As a result, every account gets the attention required to succeed, no matter the budget.

“We’re not going to shuffle you off to the B-Team. (We don’t even have a B-Team.)”

We’re going to love working with you because we think your business is interesting. Not because you have millions to spend. Ahem, that said…if you have millions to spend, we’ll show you the most effective way to do to do that. 

2. A Culture of Creativity

More and more, clients want to work with partners whose culture and views align with their own, or what they aspire to. Working with a team whose culture is founded on the belief that creativity beats size and experience can have a profound effect on your business. Employees become advocates. Barriers become challenges. Possibilities become probabilities.

In a noisy world full of commodity products and services, where every moment is a brand posedown, creativity is the best tool available for businesses that want to stand apart. It may be the only legal way left to create a competitive advantage. Could your company culture use some of that?

3. We Cut the Red Tape

Have you ever worked in a large agency? If you haven’t, we can tell you from our past lives – there’s no such thing as a simple task. For everything from installing the latest software updates to getting a project started, there is a maze of red tape. If you ever have tight project deadlines, you might be better off with a small agency like Trumpet. We regularly receive briefs and begin working on projects the same day. We promise, "Legal" won’t take three weeks to look over that contract.

4. More for Less

You get great, effective work quickly and cost effectively. As we mentioned earlier we don’t have layers to add to our overhead. Fewer moving parts means there’s not a lot of wasted motion.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re impressed too when an agency employs hundreds or thousands of people, but remember that it doesn’t mean they’ll all be working on your account. Maybe there will be a team of 15 dedicated people involved, but each of them come with the looming overheads of a big agency. In a small agency of, say, 25 to 30 people, you’ll find a higher proportion of them working on any single job at one time, meaning that you get a similar-sized team working for you with a lower price tag. 

5. Experience Without Attitude

If you’re over being treated like your opinion doesn’t matter (when you’re the one spending the money), give us a call. You’ll find we’re a respectful, curious band of doers and makers who are ambitious on behalf of the brands we serve. 

“Do we have opinions? Of course — that’s what the bill is for. But we thrive on healthy discourse that’s focused on solving your marketing challenges and free of high horses and lip service.”

We know that you know more about your business than we ever could, and we love to be challenged.

6. We Pitch Your Business Every Day

More and more of the marketers we speak with want to execute quickly on non-traditional advertising tactics, such as content marketing and social media. Marketers are looking to capitalize on one-to-one, rather than spray-and-pray mass broadcasting. We see every relationship as a series of projects—where we must prove ourselves daily.

Almost all of our relationships began with a tightly defined one-off project. Once completed, that initial project led to more work with the brand. Why? Because we exceeded expectations.

7. Creativity, Efficiency, Experience

If you need a marketing partner that solves problems instead of creating them, one that can deliver a disproportionate return on your marketing investment and meet tight deadlines, one that’s as focused on your customers as you are, contact us. 

Matthew Worden

Insights junkie, songwriter, MBA, entrepreneur and native New Yorker who loves the Big Easy. Shreds in The Lexington Express.

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