5 Reasons NOT to Work with Trumpet
Aug 17

5 Reasons NOT to Work with Trumpet

1. You like your status decidedly "quo."

The world is changing, but you don’t really have to change along with it. Right? Business is fine – and will be for the foreseeable future. Yahoo! You don’t believe that playing it safe is often the riskiest thing you could do, and you believe agencies saddled with legacy business models, shareholders and layers of executive management are definitely the way to go.

2. You prefer the company of prima donnas.

If you want a team of people who discredit your opinions and Grey Poupon your ideas, we’re not your partner. We listen. We collaborate. We offer our own opinions, recommendations and ideas based on years of experience and a passionate belief in innovation. Then we act on the best way to create a disproportionate return on your marketing investment.

3. You prefer the company of Yes Men.

If you want a team of people who swoon over your every thought and love your ties and/or haircut, we’re not your guys. We focus on your business as the best way to build trust. We come to the table with a perspective and respectfully disagree if we believe there’s a more efficient, productive way to do things. 

4. You believe demographics are enough.

Despite the fact that you know your own personality and motivations are much more complex than your age, gender, income, etc., you make important marketing decisions based on a simple demographic segmentation of your customers. What else is there, right?

5. You’ll talk about your business to anyone who'll listen.

It stands to reason that the more people you can get your brand in front of, the more customers you’ll get, right? So you cast the widest net you can afford with a broad message that appeals to the most people, with no regard for the inherent waste. After all, everybody could be a customer. 

Pat McGuinness

Chief Executive Introvert.

Featured in Communication Arts,
The One Show & Ad Age.

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Scotch. Dark chocolate. Oxygen.
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