Holidays on Purpose
Dec 20

Holidays on Purpose

How can we take advantage of this time of year? What are our tactics going to be? These are the questions that marketers often ask themselves as they approach the holiday season.

These are all the wrong questions.

The only question you should be asking in regard to the holidays and your brand is this: What is it about the holidays that authentically relates to my brand's purpose?

If the answer is nothing, then maybe you should sit this one out. But more often than not, if you know your purpose (the reason why you exist) then you’ll know how your purpose fits in with the holidays. From there (as with all decisions made in purpose-based marketing) it becomes simple, genuine and believable.  

Here are some of the brands that have made an impact during this holiday season, while staying true to their purpose.

The popular UK supermarket chain is committed to helping their customers Live Well For Less. And giving is a core part of their brand, with initiatives for funding British farming and empowering the next generation of minority leaders. So, it makes sense for them to produce a holiday spot centered around the idea of giving all you’ve got.  

John Lewis & Partners
Department store John Lewis & Partners is committed to keeping it personal. They embody this commitment in their annual holiday ad, and this year is no different. They don't talk about a single product or discount. Instead, they show how one gift can change a person's life. 

When it comes to purpose-based marketing creating profitable success and longevity, Apple is Exhibit A. As always, Apple is barely featured let alone mentioned in this year’s holiday ad. But their encouragement of embracing what makes us different is ever-present. They’ve never led with a “what.” They’ve always led with a “why.” And more likely than not, an Apple product of some sort will be under most Christmas trees this year. 

These are just a few and we’re sure there are more. We’re also sure there are plenty that have nothing to do with their brand’s purpose and everything to do with the holiday that they’re milking. Holiday ads are a wonderful time to talk about a different aspect of your brand, but if that aspect doesn’t tie back to something bigger, something that people already think of when they think of you—then we see it as a waste.

Know your purpose. Use it wisely. People won’t forget it.

Kelly McCafferty
Marketing & Sales Associate Pittsburgh Born, Nola Transplant Music Enthusiast

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