A made-to-measure campaign.
Nov 3

A made-to-measure campaign.

Rubensteins is a men’s clothing shop on Canal Street on the fringe of New Orleans’ French Quarter. After being in business for the better part of a century, they've earned a reputation for offering high-quality suits and menswear to the region's most dapper and mature gents. They reached out to Trumpet to get the word out about their current product offering (read: no pleated pants, weekend wear, cool labels your grandfather has never heard of, etc.) and to introduce Rubensteins to a younger, fashion-conscious consumer.

We decided to prompt this audience segment to #LookGoodDoingIt with a Rubensteins Style Session. The target consumer would make an appointment for a session, come in for some old-school service and leave with a new-and-improved look — or, at the very least, leave with his measurements in hand and a better idea of what looks best on him. The campaign needed to be taut, running on social media and digital ads within a short timeframe. It’s underway as we speak, so stop in for your own Style Session and let us know what you think. We’ll accept selfies of your new outfit as proof of concept. 

Measure of a Man.jpeg

Jessie Magee

Trumpet's ACD / Copywriter.

Jersey born, Philly bred.

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